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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Self-Help

Anxiety management, relaxation, lifestyle factors, books, and more

Coping With Economic Anxiety
Discussion of how to cope effectively with economic anxiety and uncertainty.

Anxiety Self-Help Technique: Grading Your Worries
Grading is a self-help technique to reduce worry associated with generalized anxiety disorder

Anxiety and College
Discussion of common anxiety issues for college students

Anxiety & Procrastination
Discussion of anxiety and procrastination with some ideas on how to improve it

Top 5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety
List of the best 5 coping strategies for anxiety

Ways Anxiety Can Cause Relationship Problems
Discussion of common ways that anxiety can negatively impact relationships

Coping Styles for Anxiety
Discussion of coping styles for stress and anxiety

Top 5 Ways Anxiety is Helpful
Discussion of ways that anxiety is helpful

Generalized Anxiety Disorder & The Holidays
Discussion of how to help make the holidays less stressful for people with generalized anxiety disorder.

Six Strategies to Reduce Your Worry
Everyone worries about things sometimes. But people with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) experience an exaggerated degree of worry to the point that it can become debilitating. Discover six strategies to reduce your worrying.

A Plan to Get More Sleep
Learn a method of helping your sleep problems that involves managing your sleep schedule and avoiding sleep aids. This can help people with generalized anxiety disorder to better manage insomnia.

Decatastrophizing: The “What If” Technique
Learn how to reduce anxiety by challenging negative thoughts with the "what if" technique from cognitive therapy for generalized anxiety disorder.

Mindfulness and GAD
Basics of mindfulness and how it can help treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Lifestyle Choices to Help Control Generalized Axniety
Learn about lifestyle factors that influence Generalized Anxiety Disorder and how to make some simple changes to improve your life.

Why We Believe Worry Helps Us

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