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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Psychotherapy, medication, providers, and alternative treatments

Medications for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Discussion of medications for generalized anxiety disorder

Anxiety Treatment Guide
Discussion of treatments for generalized anxiety disorder

How to Cope with Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Discussion on how to best cope with GAD

Guide to Finding Happiness Even with GAD
First volume of ways to achieve greater happiness even with anxiety.

Anxiety & Self-Esteem
Discussion of how to improve self-esteem for people with anxiety problems

Top 4 Ways to Make the Most of Therapy for GAD
Discussion of how to make the most of therapy for people getting treatment for generalized anxiety disorder.

Top 5 Things About Anxiety to Discuss with Your Doctor
Discussion of what elements of anxiety to discuss with treatment professionals

Types of Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Description of the major types of therapy for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

How long does GAD therapy take?
Answer to the question about length of time for therapy for GAD.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatments
An overview of generalized anxiety disorder treatments.

Comparing Cognitive & Relaxation Therapies for GAD
Discussion on whether cognitive therapy is better than relaxation therapy for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

How Muscle Relaxation Therapy Works
Discussion of research that summarizes how muscle relaxation therapy works for people with anxiety disorders.

Ginkgo Biloba & Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Discussion of research showing that ginkgo biloba can be helpful in treatment of generalized anxiety disorder.

Acceptance Therapy & Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Discussion about acceptance and present moment-focused interventions for generalized anxiety disorder.

Overcoming Stigma for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Learn about social stigma for generalized anxiety disorder and how to overcome the fears associated with it.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Self-Monitoring
Learn the importance of self-monitoring in generalized anxiety disorder treatment as well as how to do it.

How to Find Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder at College
This article can help people with generalized anxiety disorder that are attending college to find the best services available at their university.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for GAD
Learn the basics of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Cognitive Distortions in GAD
Learn about common cognitive distortions and how they can increase anxiety.

Types of GAD Treatment Professionals
Types of people who can provide professional help.

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